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News of Write Days: collaboration with WiSPS

Following on from two successful Write Days in September and November 2012, WiSPS have been in touch with WiGs to suggest planning a collaborative Write Day.

WiSPS Write Day is based on the Shut Up and Write! format that originated in the San Francisco Bay area (http://www.meetup.com/shutupandwriteSFO/). It is a way of bringing members together with each other or with other researchers on a local level and, first and foremost, write, then talk. The aim is to get away from writing as an isolated solitary activity and to connect with others who are also WiSPS members.

Here is a link to Thesis Whisperer’s blog which gives you an idea of what this is all about.


WiSPS are planning a Studies day at King’s College London on 2nd February 2013; they have secured two speakers (Jennifer Fraser will give a writing workshop and Deborah Shaw will talk about publishing books, chapters, journal articles etc). The day will take place from 11-4 to facilitate travel and WiGs members are welcome. I will post more information as soon as I have it.

We at WiGs would welcome feedback and/or ideas/suggestions for how to optimise this exciting and collaborative undertaking! Henrike has already got involved, offering Newcastle’s Lit&Phil building as a venue.

Do get in touch with me here at WiGs with ideas or if you would like more information about Write Days.




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