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Report on conference ‘The Feminine in German Culture’ in honour of Helen Watanabe O’Kelly

Fresh from this lively, three-day, paper-packed conference based in Oxford at St Hilda’s, Queen’s and Exeter Colleges, I am still reeling somewhat from listening to a series of twenty two papers presented in honour of Helen Watanabe, founder of WIGS. The excellent selection of papers was given by an international group consisting of Helen’s closest collaborators and students past and present and looked at representations of the feminine from the Early Modern period to the twenty-first century. Charlotte Woodford and Sarah Colvin (ex-WIGS secretary and ex-WIGS chair respectively) did a fantastic job of putting this conference together. I was happy to contribute a small display celebrating WIGS’ rich history, a precursor to the full display I am putting together for WIGS’ twenty-fifth anniversary celebrations in Sheffield later this year. I thought I would share some photos of the display as a taster!


Photo0386 Photo0389



One thought on “Report on conference ‘The Feminine in German Culture’ in honour of Helen Watanabe O’Kelly

  1. Very pleased to hear of the success – do blog some more, I was sorry to miss the conference (bilocating being impossible and co-organising myself the XXIII. Anglo-German Kolloquium at Nottingham…). Looking forward to the full display in Sheffield!

    Posted by laehnemann | September 8, 2013, 8:33 pm

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