Useful post from Newcastle University’s Careers Blog on new Initiative ‘Get Mobile’

New post on Careers Translated

Calling all unemployed women…

by Ellen

 …not to go on a feminist protest (save that for a different post) but to make you aware of a new initiative, ‘Get Mobile’, supported by the European Commission as part of the Lifelong Learning Programme for Education and Culture. The project aims to help women improve their career chances. Although it’s aimed at those with a science or business background, languages students with an interest in business can also benefit from the scheme.

Here’s what their website has to say about the project:

“If you’re a female graduate (from the fields of Business, Sciences, Engineering or Technology) who is unemployed at the moment or working in a job that’s not using your qualifications, Get Mobile could help you to increase your future chances of career success.

Get Mobile Circles are the chance to meet others in a similar situation to yourself and to develop crucial soft skills to help better prepare you for future job success. We will be running two programmes of Get Mobile Circles between November 2012 and June 2013, so get in touch to book your place!

As part of Get Mobile Circles we will also provide information and support with going on a work placement abroad, as this has been shown to be a great way of gaining valuable work experience to make your CV/job application stand out from the crowd. Get Mobile currently works with partners in Greece, Iceland, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey and the UK, so these are the countries that we will focus on for placement opportunities initially.

What does ‘mobility programme’ mean?

In the UK, ‘mobility programmes’ refers to people going abroad from the UK to another country in Europe to work with a business or organisation for a period of time (usually between 3 months and 1 year). Within the European Commission there are programmes that you can apply to which will provide potential funding for placements.

Are you a graduate (less than 5 years graduated) who is either working in a job not using your skills and qualifications or currently out of work? You can find out more about funding available for placements from your university, or contact us

Are you currently a student in Higher Education? You can find out more about funding available for placements here .

Benefits of going on a placement abroad to graduates:

  • ·         Improve/learn a new language
  • ·         Gain valuable work experience and skills to support your career development
  • ·         Increase your intercultural knowledge and skills
  • ·         Meet new people from different cultures
  • ·         Increase your understanding about what areas of work you enjoy the most
  • ·         Make your CV/job applications stand out from the crowd

Contact your country’s Co-ordinator to find out more!”


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