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Women and Change in Higher Education: Culture and Careers

To: all academic and research staff

From: Elizabeth Scanlon (Staff Development Unit) on behalf of the conference planning team

Re: Women and Change in Higher Education conference

For: information and circulation

*apologies for cross-posting*

Dear member of academic or research staff

In April 2014 Newcastle and Durham Universities are jointly hosting a conference entitled ‘Women and change in higher education: culture and careers’.

At a time when women in higher education outnumber men, the number of women in leadership positions remains low.  Although women hold almost half (47.3%) of non-professorial academic posts, just 20.5% of professors are women and only 14% of the UK’s vice-chancellors are women.

Open to academic and professional services staff, and those interested in women’s progression and equality, the conference will serve as an opportunity to:

§  explore the latest policy, information and research relating to women’s participation,

§  discuss strategic, practical and sustainable ways of supporting and developing women working in higher education,

§  consider the challenges and opportunities faced by women in higher education,

§  consider how we might change culture in Higher Education.

We would like to invite you to help shape the programme and so a call for contributions is currently open until 10 January 2014. Proposals are invited for presentations, round table discussions, workshops and posters on the themes of:

§  national and international policies and initiatives,

§  recruitment and retention,

§  career progression and leadership roles,

§  inclusive workplace cultures,

§  gender and academic careers,

§  challenging male-dominated cultures,

§  gender and management,

§  coaching and mentoring,

§  sustainable careers and work/life balance,

§  optimizing professional skills,

§  innovative practice for supporting women.

Further details about this call can be found on the official conference website and enquiries can be directed towomanandchange.conference@durham.ac.uk

Please help us to reach as wide an audience as possible by cascading this email or displaying the attached poster where appropriate.

Kind regards

Elizabeth and Jan

Women and Change in Higher Education Conference planning team:

Jan Halliburton & Elizabeth Scanlon (Newcastle University)

June Kay, Eleanor Loughlin, Sarah Winship & Louise Wright (Durham University)

Women and Change in Higher Education: Culture and Careers

1st & 2nd April 2014, Collingwood College, Durham






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