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Request for Contributions: Centre for Contemporary Women’s Writing

Dr Katherine Stone (National University of Ireland, Maynooth) would be grateful to hear from anybody willing to contribute an author biography to the German-language webpage of the Centre for Contemporary Women’s Writing in London. The aim is to build up a resource on European women writers, including bibliobiographies, media resources, and further reading. ‘Contemporary’ is defined as post-1968, but we would be particularly keen to compile biographies of the many female authors who have won literary prizes in the past decade. Examples of the sort of thing that would be required can be found here: http://modernlanguages.sas.ac.uk/centre-study-contemporary-womens-writing/languages/german.

Postgraduates interested in contemporary women writers might particularly benefit from getting involved. Contributors will be offered associate membership of the CCWW, which offers a fantastic intellectual and support network.

For more information please email Katie Stone (Katie.Stone@nuim.ie).



One thought on “Request for Contributions: Centre for Contemporary Women’s Writing

  1. Great project! If anybody from the WiGS community would be interested and willing to write on Angelika Overath (who was our Writer in Residence in Dublin at the last open conference), I would be happy to provide background information and copies not just of her three novels also of her essay collections and other material – Oxford and London based researchers are welcome to drop by my office, otherwise I am sure we’ll find a way of sending / skyping / phoning.

    Posted by Henrike Lähnemann | May 7, 2015, 10:02 am

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