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Event: First Early Career Workshop on alternative academic careers, Oxford, 9 September 2016

You are cordially invited to attend the first WiGS Early Career Workshop in St Edmund Hall, Oxford!

For most of us working towards, or having obtained, a PhD the question of what to do with it can be very daunting.

Most of us, presumably, would love nothing more than taking off with an academic career right after passing the viva. However, the job situation out there is far from ideal, and if we want to hear it or not, about 90% percent of current PhD students and Early Career Researchers won’t get an academic job. At least, not one of those we classically associate with being an academic: belonging to a university department or faculty, teaching students, doing research, creating courses and seminars and syllabi and conferences and setting and grading exams and all the other exciting things we see our own teachers and lecturers and professors do. A mix of higher education policy making, shrinking funding, and the intentional creation of fixed and short term positions, as opposed to mid-level permanent positions, results in that formidable bottleneck that is universities’ hiring practice. In short: it is a numbers game we are all playing, and the odds are not in our favour.

The question is, what else can you do with your (soon to be) shiny new doctoral degree? This workshop presents non-traditional, yet still academic or academic-related career paths where holding a doctorate opens the door to more advanced job levels or decision-making positions. Whether you love teaching or research or both, here you might find alternative pathways into a job with the option to keep doing what you love while actually getting paid for it.

The workshop is open for early career researchers as well as postgraduate students. The registration fee for this event is £12 which includes lunch. WiGS members can apply for a capped travel subsidy (please include this with the registration form).


Time Speakers / Session
11.30am-12:15am Arrival/Registration/Coffee
12:15pm-1:00pm Emma Huber – subject/research librarianship
1:00pm-2:00pm Lunch (buffet style sandwich lunch)
2.00pm-2.45pm Laurel Plapp – academic publishing
2.45pm-3.30pm Kathrin McCann – research administration
3:30pm-4:00pm Coffee break
4:00pm-4:45pm Kerrith Davies – school teaching
4.45.pm-5.30pm Emma Jay – archives
6.30pm Dinner at St Edmund Hall

How to register:

Please fill in the registration form and send it via post or e-mail to Birgit Mikus (details provided in the form) by Friday, 2 September 2016.



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