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First Book Award

In anticipation of the announcement of the second WiGS Book Award tomorrow evening, we would like to remind you of our wonderful entries from last year!

First Runner-Up, Melissa Munderloh


In this short video, Melissa Munderloh explains her book proposal The Emergence of Post-Hybrid Identities: A  Comparative  Analysis of National Identity Formations in Germany’ s Contemporary Hip-Hop Culture. Melissa shows how hip-hop has become a meaningful cultural movement for artists in Hamburg and in Oldenburg. The  analysis is guided by a three-dimensional theoretical  framework  that  considers  the  spatial,  historical  and  social  influences, which have shaped  hip-hop  music,  dance,  rap  and  graffiti  art  in  the  USA  and  subsequently  in  the  two northern  German  cities. Comparing  hip-hop’ s four main  elements and their practices in two distinct cities, Munderloh’s research expands current German hip-hop scholarship beyond  the  common focus on rap.

First Book Award Winner, Sally-Ann Spencer


In this video, Sally-Ann Spencer presents her book proposal Contemporary German-English Translation – Books Across Borders in the Digital Age. Sally-Anne’s book is the first to survey German-English literary translation in the twenty-first century. Previous studies describe translation patterns prior to the uptake of electronic publishing, retail and reviewing and before the recent upsurge in translation promotion and support. Contemporary German-English Translation is an up-to-date study that presents original fieldwork and brings together new material from diverse sources and disciplines. It combines close analysis of specific developments with discussion of wider research directions, offering a valuable resource for translation practitioners, students and scholars and for researchers in the fields of German Studies and publishing.



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