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Committee Vacancy: WIGS Treasurer

Women in German Studies (WIGS) is looking for a new Treasurer. This is an excellent opportunity to hold a position of responsibility in a national professional organisation of nearly thirty years’ standing. You will be supported by a dedicated and cooperative team of colleagues on the WIGS Committee and the outgoing Treasurer will ease you into the role. This is a rewarding position, as your work will contribute directly to the support WIGS provides for PG students and early career scholars, as well as part-time members. No special financial knowledge is required, just basic record-keeping and use of on-line banking.


  • To receive and record membership forms and payments.
  • To maintain the membership records.
  • To have oversight of the WIGS accounts (together with the committee) and administer these via on-line banking.
  • To receive applications for travel and conference grants, and administer these in consultation with the committee.
  • To liaise with the organiser of the WIGS annual conference and the Secretary about financial matters arising from the conference.
  • To attend (whenever possible) the WIGS annual conference and the WIGS committee meeting (normally held 3-4 months prior to the conference, at the conference venue).
  • To prepare certificates and any necessary financial arrangements for the WIGS PG essay prize and book proposal prize (both awarded at the conference).

Term of office / time requirement  / expenses:

Normally 3 years.

Normally the role will require less than 1 hour per week – this is likely to be more in the weeks before and after the conference (preparation of accounts, reimbursement of expenses) and at certain points in the year such as the deadlines for travel grants (see: http://www.wigs.ac.uk/travelgrants.html).

This is a voluntary role. Travel expenses are paid to WIGS meetings, and reasonable accommodation costs may also be covered, depending on circumstances.


Normally you will have been a member of WIGS for at least one year, and you should be familiar with the work of the association.

Expressions of interest: 

Please contact the current Treasurer, Caroline Bland (c.bland@sheffield.ac.uk) with any queries and expressions of interest, by 30 April 2017. Our aim is to have someone to ‘shadow’ the current Treasurer before this year’s conference (22-24 June 2017, St Edmund Hall, Oxford) and to take over the role after the conference.



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