Calling all postgrads: tell everybody about your research!

Hi! I’m Mary Frank, the new postgrad rep at WIGS. My specialism is translation, and I’m working on a PhD at Bristol University that investigates the interplay between translation theory and translation practice. It’s a practice-led project that asks whether and how translation theory can help the practising translator and vice versa. The text I’m using is Der brave Schüler Ottokar, a collection of satirical stories about worldly-wise schoolboy Ottokar. It was written by Ottokar Domma and published in the GDR in 1967. Applying theoretical frameworks that foreground, respectively, the minute socio-cultural nuances in the text and the potential for translation to branch into creative adventures has led to two very different translations (see the first here and the second here).

I’ve found it really inspiring to be part of the WIGS community. There’s so much fascinating work going on in German Studies, and hearing about it really broadens your horizons. It would be especially great to hear about what other postgrads are researching. Who knows, we may find unexpected connections between our projects. At the very least, it’s a great opportunity to talk about your work to a supportive audience. Do contact me ( and I’ll make sure your work gets onto the WIGS blog!

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