New WIGS Chair

WIGS is delighted to announce that Professor Ingrid Sharp (Leeds University) has agreed to take over as Chair of WIGS from January 2019. Dr Brigid Haines (Swansea University), who has been WIGS Chair for the last three years, is stepping down from the role. Brigid says ‘It has been an enormous privilege to lead this wonderful organisation. I attended the first conference in Reading back in 1989 and we have just celebrated our 30th anniversary in Aston. WIGS performs a hugely important role in supporting female Germanists in their working lives and the thirtieth conference underlined the fact that this work is as important as ever. I would like to thank the members of the committee for their hard work and commitment; they have been wonderful to work with. All who know Ingrid will agree that I am leaving WIGS in very safe hands.’

Ingrid says ‘I’m thrilled to be taking over from Brigid and thank the committee for putting their faith in me. WIGS has played a major role in supporting and developing research and teaching in German over the last 30 years and has been very important to me personally, offering inspiration as well as a safe haven in sometimes choppy seas. With difficult times ahead for the profession and the discipline, WIGS will continue to offer a supportive community for women Germanists at all stages of their careers and to advocate for German nationally and internationally.

I would like to thank Brigid for her leadership of WIGS and echo her thanks to the outgoing committee members for a job well done.  I look forward to working closely in future with committee members new and old.’

A reminder of our Wikipedia page:

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