Annual Committee Meeting 2019

In this blog post, our Irish Representative Siobhán Donovan reports on the recent WIGS committee meeting held at University College Dublin last month.

The annual committee meeting took place in Dublin on 25 May, in the UCD School of Languages, Cultures and Linguistics, host to the annual WIGS members’ conference on 8 and 9 November. Present were the new chair, Ingrid Sharp, new secretary Catherine Smale, freelance and part-time rep Mary Frank, postgrad rep Chantal Sullivan-Thomsett, Irish rep Siobhán Donovan and main conference organizer and former Irish rep, Gillian Pye. Treasurer Sarah Pogoda and early career rep Cyd Sturgess joined via Skype.

Amidst plans for the November conference (for which 20 abstracts were submitted!) and which coincides with the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall, items such as the WIGS archive, IT matters, hearing about HoGMeet (where Ingrid Sharp represented WIGS), the annual WIGS book and essay prizes and other business were discussed. It was good to hear that membership numbers have risen, and there are plans afoot to set up a membership section on the blog. So, watch this space…

For anyone not already a member of WIGS, or who needs to renew membership, we’d love to hear from you (contact Sarah Pogoda: s.pogoda[at] PGs should take note of the dates for the book and essay prizes (15 July and 1 October respectively), and also that travel subsidies are available – so, get your applications in!

Following the morning’s work, the committee fortified itself with lunch in the restaurant in the beautiful surrounds of the National Gallery of Ireland.

The conference programme will be released by mid-July, and we hope that as many members as possible will be able to attend!

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