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First Book Award

In anticipation of the announcement of the second WiGS Book Award tomorrow evening, we would like to remind you of our wonderful entries from last year! First Runner-Up, Melissa Munderloh   In this short video, Melissa Munderloh explains her book proposal The Emergence of Post-Hybrid Identities: A  Comparative  Analysis of National Identity Formations in Germany’ … Continue reading

Einstein-Projekt: ‘Patho/Graphics’

WiGS member Nina Schmidt (Freie Universität Berlin) has recently taken up a postdoctoral position as researcher for Patho/Graphics, a Schlegel Graduate School project headed by Prof. Dr. Irmela Krüger-Fürhoff and funded by the Einstein Foundation. The three-year project examines the aesthetics and politics of illness narratives in English and German-language contemporary comics and literature. You … Continue reading

Call for Contributions: ‘A Day in the Research Life of…’

In addition to our ‘Thesis of the Month’ series, we would like to draw attention to a new video project that is in development for postgraduate members. We are currently looking for short video submissions from PG members that can provide insights into the diverse range of activities undertaken at postgraduate research level. Similarly to … Continue reading

How to ‘Vlog’: Creating your First Video Blog

Creating video content doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Vlogging is a great way to engage with new audiences, present your ideas in a fresh format and, because viewers get to see and hear you, it’s actually an extremely easy way to show people exactly what your – often quite complex – research is … Continue reading

New PG Vlog: The Image Speaks

The Image Speaks (Cyd Sturgess, The University of Sheffield) During the late nineteenth century, Germany and the Netherlands witnessed an unprecedented growth in discourses on sexuality, galvanised by the pioneering research of central European sexologists. These early explorations into the field of human sexuality were driven by the impulses of a post-Darwinian era and a desire to … Continue reading

The Bellotograph

In the final part of her blog series, Sarah Pogoda (University of Sheffield) explains her upcoming project “Bellotograph” and explores how, and where, we might locate alternatives to institutionalised commemoration rituals. Throughout this blog series I have explored the issues surrounding acts of commemoration and remembrance. The question that remains, however, is how we can avoid turning our culture of remembrance into a culture … Continue reading

The Happening: Germany Surrenders

In the second part of her blog series, Sarah Pogoda (University of Sheffield) presents the background to ‘The Happening: Germany Surrenders’, and offers us the video trailer of her event. The Happening formed part of the Sheffield Animatograph Project, aimed at bringing together Sheffield’s residents to create an installation of identity and memory. “Germany Surrenders” This is the … Continue reading

Oak Tree 3000

In the build up to our first vlog entry, Sarah Pogoda (University of Sheffield) offers a series of short blog posts and a video trailer to explore her event ‘The Happening: Germany Surrenders’. The event forms part of the Sheffield Animatograph Project, aimed at bringing together Sheffield’s residents to create an installation of identity and memory. “There is no German identity … Continue reading

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