WIGS has a long tradition of supporting postgrads working in the field of German studies. If you are a postgraduate student, you can join WIGS for a mere 10 pounds or 11 euros a year. Membership entitles you to receive the newsletter and access the WIGS JISCmail forum, where you’ll find useful information concerning upcoming conferences, publications and funding opportunities. As a member, you can also attend the annual conference – and even present a paper to a very supportive crowd! Postgrads can get help with travel costs to conferences.

The WIGS website offers testimonials from those currently working in the field, information on the pros and cons of postgraduate life and other pertinent information for those considering or currently engaged in postgraduate research. See here for details.

The WIGS postgrad blog is intended to complement the website, allowing for the posting of up-to-date information and expanding the discussion and networking opportunities it already offers. As it is used as a forum for both students and academics, the blog also increases dialogue between scholars already working in German studies and postgraduates. An exciting aspect of the blog is the examples of current postgrad projects.

If you are interested in introducing your research project as part of our featured thesis venture, get in touch with the WIGS postgrad rep Mary Frank at mf1876@my.bristol.ac.uk.

Check out the WIGS Facebook and WIGS Twitter pages too!



One thought on “Postgrads

  1. You might be interested to check out from time to time http://careerstranslated.wordpress.com/ the blog for Modern Languages Graduates – although mainly aimed at recent graduates, it can give useful opportunities particularly in the area of translation work.

    Posted by laehnemann | December 4, 2011, 9:52 am

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