WIGS small travel grants

WIGS is able to set aside a small amount of money each year to help fund the research activities of

  1. a) postgraduate members,
    b) members who are within three years of completing a PhD and have no other source of funding, and
    c) other part-timers or retired members who are not eligible to apply for research funding from their institution or from a research council.

If you are unsure if you are eligible, please contact the Treasurer or Chair for guidance.

The money is intended to support members engaged in any activity central to their research, including presenting work at conferences in the field of German studies. The applicant must have been a member of WIGS for at least three months before applying. The awards fall into three categories:

1) Funding to present work at conferences: This support will not normally exceed £100. It will usually be limited to venues in the UK, Ireland or German-speaking areas. Please apply by e-mail to the Treasurer, attaching a full outline of your costs and project, and details of any other institutional support to which you have applied / will apply (e.g. from your own university, or the AHRC), and the date by which the outcome of the application will be known. The deadlines for such awards are 1 March, 1 June, 1 September, 1 DecemberFor this research grant, please apply to the Treasurer, providing a completed application form (click here to download application form).

2) Funding to carry out research abroad: A grant, which will not exceed £250, to carry out research abroad. The deadlines for such awards are 1 October and 1 March only. For this research grant, please apply to the Treasurer, providing a completed application form (click here to download application form) and a reference (in the case of postgraduates, this should be written by your supervisor).

3) Postgraduate WIGS meeting travel grant: WIGS is able to provide a contribution towards the travel costs of postgraduates attending a WIGS annual meeting. It cannot provide support to cover the meeting’s fee or accommodation. Applications for this support must be made via e-mail to the Treasurer by one month before the date of the conference giving details of expenses.

Please apply by e-mail to the Treasurer for all awards, attaching the details as requested above.

Applications will be considered by the WIGS Committee and grants will be made on the basis of the merit of the proposed project. The Committee reserves the right to wait until the outcome of other applications for funding are known. Applications must be received before the proposed project is undertaken: retrospective applications will not normally be considered.

Successful applicants will be asked to produce receipts for the expenses they incur. They will also be required to write a short report on the completed project and acknowledge the support of WIGS if their research is published. The report, containing details of the research undertaken / paper given, should be no more than 200 words and be sent by e-mail to the secretary, Katya Krylova.

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